An Overview of the Video Email Industry



Video is moving us into the next era of communication.  For the first-time in history, communicating with video has become accessible to our society.  Easy and affordable.  Only a few years ago people were writing articles just like this about email.  Before that it was the mobile phone and the list of techno advances goes on and on.

Sending a video email is now simpler than ever before.   There are a plethora of  free services online.  For example, and   They are popping-up all over the web!   Unfortunately, there are very few premium services catering to the business users, and people who don’t want Google Ads placed ALL around their videos.  Recognizing the power of video, I have been searching for a quality video email service provider.   And being a professional business coach, I needed to find a good one.  And of course, I did!

For the past few months I have been using jive SYSTEMS, which comes with unlimited video email, conferencing, and I can even embed a link in my website for a video representative [although I am yet to use this feature].  I choose jiveSYSTEMS because they charge me a flat-rate of $37 per month with no setup fees which gives me unlimited us of their systems.   I believe that fee is up to $47 a month now, which is still a bargain.  The other companies like and both have expensive setup fees and additional charges.  In addition, they don’t have the video conferencing and rep features that jive offers.

While  is not perfect, I have noticed they are diligently working on improving their systems – based on customer feedback – a novel thought!   They are great folks to work with and very responsible to “help” requests.  I have been so impressed with their service that I am recommending them to all of my clients.   My friend, and long time business associate, Kathleen signed-up on my recommendation.  And, she didn’t even know how to use a webcam!!!   When she called the company, customer service helped her get it setup so she could use the system and enjoy their affiliate benefits, too.  Sweet!

That being said, we all have to find our own answers.   And, no two people are alike.   Hence, I am including links to both free companies and business class video email ( companies.   What I can tell you is this “communicating with video” and via the internet has revolutionize the way I do business.   It has even helped me keep in-touch with friends that live too far away – to enjoy more of a “meet in-person” kind of way. uses a very catchy phrase “If a picture is worth a thousand words what’s a video worth?   I have to say, I can’t explain it any better myself.

To Your Success! 

And, have fun getting there!!!


P.S.  Your posts are welcome and visit for more business profit and marketing strategies today!

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