Save Money – Cut Business Expenses + Personal

30325463Rebate Spending:

Yup!  We see it everyday on credit card ads, TV, print offers – cash back rebate on cars, cash back rebate on new mobile phones, etc, etc.  Does rebate spending work?

Yes it does.  Think about it.  It makes you buy what you want to buy anyway, right?

So, why can’t we get rebates on everything we buy?  Well, now we can.  At least just about everything.

How about getting a rebate from everything you buy online?  Rebates from 1-40%!  Like the idea … read on

Depending upon where you shop, by simply using your own personal shopping portal you can save hundreds if not thousands per year by shopping online.

Save 3% from Best Buy – 6% from Staples – 12% from 1-800-Pet-Meds – Target 3% to 7% – Macy’s 4% – Vista Print 12% – and over 700 more name brand vendors on the Shop to Earn shopping portal.

These are all name brand stores.  Stores you shop at already – perhaps on or off line.  But, if you can save on what you’re already buying anyway – simply by buying online – how sweet is that!

You can still go into these stores – see “it,” touch “it,” try it on (like Victoria Secret).  You can still use all the usual coupons and special discount codes you would have from these vendors anyway.  With Stop to Earn you simply get money back for buying the same things online.

I made a trip to the Parks Mall in Arlington, Texas yesterday.  Almost every store in the mall is on Shop to Earn and available for you to receive cash back from your purchases.   Sears, Macy’s, Victoria Secret, just to name a few.

I am health conscious, or shall I say “degenerative disease conscious.”  So I do my best (and better every day – with all the challenges) to eat as healthy and as pure as possible.  I don’t like the big box, processed, over-crowded, stand-in-a-line grocery store.

So, lots of my groceries are from local “holistic” stores. As part of my new lease on life this year, I’m also going “green” in as many ways as I can.  Groceries and otherwise.  Shop to Earth, which is part of Shop to Earn and is a way to do your part in “going green,” in whatever ways you choose.  Again, there is an array of “green stores” to choose from here.

I’m replacing my less than great eating habits with a variety of things, including organic shakes, bars, veggies, etc. this year.  Here, I’m redirecting much of my spending from the regular grocery store to the “green side” of  Shop to Earth.  All “green” and organic products to choose from – all of which you also receive cash rebates.

Rather than the lines and stuff I’m not crazy about at the local grocer, I go to my website Shop to Earn and and order my coffees, office supplies, breads, camera supplies, and even my smoked salmon!  I’ve added my cleaning supplies (“green”) to my order list.  My clothes, my shoes, my underwear, my gifts, my EVERYTHING – I look at my shopping portal now!

So, check it out.  The best part of this is that Shop to Earn is a great fit in my business plan for passive income strategies – AND, for my clients!  It is a “no-brainer” profit strategy within small businesses for money they are spending ever year anyway.

I have a plan to be completely and totally supported by passive income by January 1, 2011.  I have made money every week with Shop to Earn and my business is growing exponentially.  It’s taking little time away from my mainstay business efforts.  So, whatever your passive or current income plans are, take a few minutes to check it out.  I trust you’ll be glad you did!

Business owners buy stuff.  And, more than the average consumer.  And, even the average consumer … everyone wants to save and have more money.  Shop to Earn is a great addition to anyone’s savings plan – business and personal.

Please leave your comments.  Check it out.  And, let me know what you think!

To Your Profits

and Success!


2 Responses to “Save Money – Cut Business Expenses + Personal”

  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Joe Says:

    Sandra, you are right, my personal STE portal has been a huge rebate / cash back asset for me and by introducing it to others, now I am also earning residual income! Highly recommend this program, Specially if you are a Business Owner like I am…

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