“Going Green” Is Good Business – Part Two


In my last post, I simply introduced “Going Green” In Your Business.  

Now:  TIME TO PLAN.  It takes time to “go green,” so develop a plan for your company. 

In today’s economy, “going green” can be a one step-up marketing advantage for you, which equals more business, as well as helping us all … with what must happen … or, the rest will likely be mute points, anyway! 

First off,  focus on sustainability.  Simple examples include switching to compact fluourescent bulbs and recycling,  as starters.  And, what is important for your sustainability in the future?  This is where your planning comes in.

Thinks about it.  Month to month.  Things like toilet paper, cleaning products, reducing waste, going paperless, reducing energy and water use, improving indoor air quality and more.  How much can you easily do, day to day, to help here?

A great example of this includes joining hundreds of participating employees and families from around the world for “Earth Hour” on Saturday, March 28th, from 8:30 to 9:30 pm.  With this, you will take a stand against global warming  with millions of others around the world.  Participants in this are as far away as Fiji.

This may not be an immediate business builder for you, but it will be part of your overall business plan for “Going Green.”  Your participation will matter in terms of “News” and use with this on your websites, blogs, etc. in weeks to come.  


Created by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to make a basic point in a big way, Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off the lights for an hour to deliver a powerful message about preserving our world’s limited resources.   So far, more than 1,100 cities and towns in 80 countries and 25 time zones worldwide have committed to powering down for this history making event.


Simply shut off non-essential lights and mechanical systems in businesses and homes (street lights and other common area and public safety lighting should stay illuminated).


It’s a great example of “Going Green” practices in our businesses.  




Years past, I would criticize clients for turning lights off in the offices, just because no client activity was happening there.  Not giving a “good impression.”  Now, it’s a very smart thing to do!


Consumers expect to move towards sustainability.  There’s no reason business would not be ahead of consumers in this!  We are all responsible for reducing pollution, waste of energy, resources, etc.  So now, the question is how do we design our businesses, products, packaging, operations, etc. to be more environmentally-friendly.  To do what consumers are also seeing value in doing.


From a business marketing standpoint, make sure you communicate your efforts in this … and achievements to all of your clients … and prospects, via your website and offerings.  Give them details on the steps you’ve taken along the way, both tangible (i.e. “Green” product use) and intangible (i.e. reduced energy use).


Consumers expect companies to start moving towards sustainable solutions.  Reducing pollution, waste in packaging, and implementing more environmentally friendly choices.  Again, make sure you communicate your efforts in this to your clients.  Give them details on the steps you have … and, are taking.  And, remember, this means reduce, reduce, reduce!  That is the ultimate goal for everyone in terms of “resources.”


Part Three on “Going Green in Your Business” will be focused more on Profit Strategies.  That will be up in the next few days!


See you then!!!


To Your Success,


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