Going Green Is Good, Profitable, Business!

Business Going GreenBeyond this being St. Patrick’s Day, “GOING GREEN” is one of the hottest topics going today.  And, rightly so – for a volume of reasons.  Not only in the private sector, or the building industry, but for all businesses – going green is good, profit generating business.  It is wise business marketing.

And, this is the side benefit to saving our planet, with participation by one person and one business at at time!  And, still profits are a mainstay motivator for every for-profit business owner I know.  So, we might as well address the obvious!

Why go green?  For many companies, the first motivation for “going green” is financial.  That’s being pushed even more now with Washington’s incentives.  But, that’s only the tip of the iceberg (no pun intended).  It is also a part of responsible business ownership.  It is part of responsible living … or, the effects of refusing to live green will take us all down.  It’s predictable … and, you’ll forget any worries about the economy, economic stimulus, up, down, or otherwise!

There are several priorities to consider in “greening up your company marketing.”  Like all good marketing, first it calls for developing a plan.  Just like saavy business owners have a marketing plan.  Next is execution of that plan.  Companies don’t go green overnight.  Parts to your “green plan” may include issues related to: transportation, reducing waste, recycling, energy and water use, indoor air quality, product consumption and more. 

MOST IMPORTANT for the saavy business owner:   Research shows that being green helps a business attract the best employees, stand out in a crowded marketplace and increase employee morale and productivity.  Remember, saavy marketing is about being “memorable,” “remarkable,” “different than the crowd,” to name a few.  Going green within your company now will give you a front run on all of those points – providing you promote the fact that you are.

I’ll share more tips with you on each of these parts of your plans to go green, and how to incorporate that into your business strategies in a series of future posts.  For now, enjoy St. Pat’s and think “GREEN!”

Talk to you on this again soon!


2 Responses to “Going Green Is Good, Profitable, Business!”

  1. Anca Says:

    Totally agree with you. Everyone should think twice before printing a document: do you really need it?

  2. AndreSimms Says:

    Hello fellow members, I wanted to introduce myself. Im Andre.
    I guess I should start participating instead of just reading the posts all the time.
    I thought about starting my own board but Im glad I found this one instead. Great Info!

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