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An Overview of the Video Email Industry

March 30, 2009



Video is moving us into the next era of communication.  For the first-time in history, communicating with video has become accessible to our society.  Easy and affordable.  Only a few years ago people were writing articles just like this about email.  Before that it was the mobile phone and the list of techno advances goes on and on.

Sending a video email is now simpler than ever before.   There are a plethora of  free services online.  For example, and   They are popping-up all over the web!   Unfortunately, there are very few premium services catering to the business users, and people who don’t want Google Ads placed ALL around their videos.  Recognizing the power of video, I have been searching for a quality video email service provider.   And being a professional business coach, I needed to find a good one.  And of course, I did!

For the past few months I have been using jive SYSTEMS, which comes with unlimited video email, conferencing, and I can even embed a link in my website for a video representative [although I am yet to use this feature].  I choose jiveSYSTEMS because they charge me a flat-rate of $37 per month with no setup fees which gives me unlimited us of their systems.   I believe that fee is up to $47 a month now, which is still a bargain.  The other companies like and both have expensive setup fees and additional charges.  In addition, they don’t have the video conferencing and rep features that jive offers.

While  is not perfect, I have noticed they are diligently working on improving their systems – based on customer feedback – a novel thought!   They are great folks to work with and very responsible to “help” requests.  I have been so impressed with their service that I am recommending them to all of my clients.   My friend, and long time business associate, Kathleen signed-up on my recommendation.  And, she didn’t even know how to use a webcam!!!   When she called the company, customer service helped her get it setup so she could use the system and enjoy their affiliate benefits, too.  Sweet!

That being said, we all have to find our own answers.   And, no two people are alike.   Hence, I am including links to both free companies and business class video email ( companies.   What I can tell you is this “communicating with video” and via the internet has revolutionize the way I do business.   It has even helped me keep in-touch with friends that live too far away – to enjoy more of a “meet in-person” kind of way. uses a very catchy phrase “If a picture is worth a thousand words what’s a video worth?   I have to say, I can’t explain it any better myself.

To Your Success! 

And, have fun getting there!!!


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Save Money – Cut Business Expenses + Personal

March 29, 2009

30325463Rebate Spending:

Yup!  We see it everyday on credit card ads, TV, print offers – cash back rebate on cars, cash back rebate on new mobile phones, etc, etc.  Does rebate spending work?

Yes it does.  Think about it.  It makes you buy what you want to buy anyway, right?

So, why can’t we get rebates on everything we buy?  Well, now we can.  At least just about everything.

How about getting a rebate from everything you buy online?  Rebates from 1-40%!  Like the idea … read on

Depending upon where you shop, by simply using your own personal shopping portal you can save hundreds if not thousands per year by shopping online.

Save 3% from Best Buy – 6% from Staples – 12% from 1-800-Pet-Meds – Target 3% to 7% – Macy’s 4% – Vista Print 12% – and over 700 more name brand vendors on the Shop to Earn shopping portal.

These are all name brand stores.  Stores you shop at already – perhaps on or off line.  But, if you can save on what you’re already buying anyway – simply by buying online – how sweet is that!

You can still go into these stores – see “it,” touch “it,” try it on (like Victoria Secret).  You can still use all the usual coupons and special discount codes you would have from these vendors anyway.  With Stop to Earn you simply get money back for buying the same things online.

I made a trip to the Parks Mall in Arlington, Texas yesterday.  Almost every store in the mall is on Shop to Earn and available for you to receive cash back from your purchases.   Sears, Macy’s, Victoria Secret, just to name a few.

I am health conscious, or shall I say “degenerative disease conscious.”  So I do my best (and better every day – with all the challenges) to eat as healthy and as pure as possible.  I don’t like the big box, processed, over-crowded, stand-in-a-line grocery store.

So, lots of my groceries are from local “holistic” stores. As part of my new lease on life this year, I’m also going “green” in as many ways as I can.  Groceries and otherwise.  Shop to Earth, which is part of Shop to Earn and is a way to do your part in “going green,” in whatever ways you choose.  Again, there is an array of “green stores” to choose from here.

I’m replacing my less than great eating habits with a variety of things, including organic shakes, bars, veggies, etc. this year.  Here, I’m redirecting much of my spending from the regular grocery store to the “green side” of  Shop to Earth.  All “green” and organic products to choose from – all of which you also receive cash rebates.

Rather than the lines and stuff I’m not crazy about at the local grocer, I go to my website Shop to Earn and and order my coffees, office supplies, breads, camera supplies, and even my smoked salmon!  I’ve added my cleaning supplies (“green”) to my order list.  My clothes, my shoes, my underwear, my gifts, my EVERYTHING – I look at my shopping portal now!

So, check it out.  The best part of this is that Shop to Earn is a great fit in my business plan for passive income strategies – AND, for my clients!  It is a “no-brainer” profit strategy within small businesses for money they are spending ever year anyway.

I have a plan to be completely and totally supported by passive income by January 1, 2011.  I have made money every week with Shop to Earn and my business is growing exponentially.  It’s taking little time away from my mainstay business efforts.  So, whatever your passive or current income plans are, take a few minutes to check it out.  I trust you’ll be glad you did!

Business owners buy stuff.  And, more than the average consumer.  And, even the average consumer … everyone wants to save and have more money.  Shop to Earn is a great addition to anyone’s savings plan – business and personal.

Please leave your comments.  Check it out.  And, let me know what you think!

To Your Profits

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“Going Green” Is Good Business – Part Two

March 26, 2009


In my last post, I simply introduced “Going Green” In Your Business.  

Now:  TIME TO PLAN.  It takes time to “go green,” so develop a plan for your company. 

In today’s economy, “going green” can be a one step-up marketing advantage for you, which equals more business, as well as helping us all … with what must happen … or, the rest will likely be mute points, anyway! 

First off,  focus on sustainability.  Simple examples include switching to compact fluourescent bulbs and recycling,  as starters.  And, what is important for your sustainability in the future?  This is where your planning comes in.

Thinks about it.  Month to month.  Things like toilet paper, cleaning products, reducing waste, going paperless, reducing energy and water use, improving indoor air quality and more.  How much can you easily do, day to day, to help here?

A great example of this includes joining hundreds of participating employees and families from around the world for “Earth Hour” on Saturday, March 28th, from 8:30 to 9:30 pm.  With this, you will take a stand against global warming  with millions of others around the world.  Participants in this are as far away as Fiji.

This may not be an immediate business builder for you, but it will be part of your overall business plan for “Going Green.”  Your participation will matter in terms of “News” and use with this on your websites, blogs, etc. in weeks to come.  


Created by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to make a basic point in a big way, Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off the lights for an hour to deliver a powerful message about preserving our world’s limited resources.   So far, more than 1,100 cities and towns in 80 countries and 25 time zones worldwide have committed to powering down for this history making event.


Simply shut off non-essential lights and mechanical systems in businesses and homes (street lights and other common area and public safety lighting should stay illuminated).


It’s a great example of “Going Green” practices in our businesses.  




Years past, I would criticize clients for turning lights off in the offices, just because no client activity was happening there.  Not giving a “good impression.”  Now, it’s a very smart thing to do!


Consumers expect to move towards sustainability.  There’s no reason business would not be ahead of consumers in this!  We are all responsible for reducing pollution, waste of energy, resources, etc.  So now, the question is how do we design our businesses, products, packaging, operations, etc. to be more environmentally-friendly.  To do what consumers are also seeing value in doing.


From a business marketing standpoint, make sure you communicate your efforts in this … and achievements to all of your clients … and prospects, via your website and offerings.  Give them details on the steps you’ve taken along the way, both tangible (i.e. “Green” product use) and intangible (i.e. reduced energy use).


Consumers expect companies to start moving towards sustainable solutions.  Reducing pollution, waste in packaging, and implementing more environmentally friendly choices.  Again, make sure you communicate your efforts in this to your clients.  Give them details on the steps you have … and, are taking.  And, remember, this means reduce, reduce, reduce!  That is the ultimate goal for everyone in terms of “resources.”


Part Three on “Going Green in Your Business” will be focused more on Profit Strategies.  That will be up in the next few days!


See you then!!!


To Your Success,


Going Green Is Good, Profitable, Business!

March 18, 2009

Business Going GreenBeyond this being St. Patrick’s Day, “GOING GREEN” is one of the hottest topics going today.  And, rightly so – for a volume of reasons.  Not only in the private sector, or the building industry, but for all businesses – going green is good, profit generating business.  It is wise business marketing.

And, this is the side benefit to saving our planet, with participation by one person and one business at at time!  And, still profits are a mainstay motivator for every for-profit business owner I know.  So, we might as well address the obvious!

Why go green?  For many companies, the first motivation for “going green” is financial.  That’s being pushed even more now with Washington’s incentives.  But, that’s only the tip of the iceberg (no pun intended).  It is also a part of responsible business ownership.  It is part of responsible living … or, the effects of refusing to live green will take us all down.  It’s predictable … and, you’ll forget any worries about the economy, economic stimulus, up, down, or otherwise!

There are several priorities to consider in “greening up your company marketing.”  Like all good marketing, first it calls for developing a plan.  Just like saavy business owners have a marketing plan.  Next is execution of that plan.  Companies don’t go green overnight.  Parts to your “green plan” may include issues related to: transportation, reducing waste, recycling, energy and water use, indoor air quality, product consumption and more. 

MOST IMPORTANT for the saavy business owner:   Research shows that being green helps a business attract the best employees, stand out in a crowded marketplace and increase employee morale and productivity.  Remember, saavy marketing is about being “memorable,” “remarkable,” “different than the crowd,” to name a few.  Going green within your company now will give you a front run on all of those points – providing you promote the fact that you are.

I’ll share more tips with you on each of these parts of your plans to go green, and how to incorporate that into your business strategies in a series of future posts.  For now, enjoy St. Pat’s and think “GREEN!”

Talk to you on this again soon!