Soar With Marketing As Your Focus



A simple definition of marketing is engaging people to “Know, Like and Trust You,” so that you may help solve their problems – or help them have what they want – so they buy from you, and ultimately become your referral champions.


I spent five hours on Sunday, focusing on a love of mine, photography.  And, it reminded me of a very important marketing lesson for business, current economic issues and much more. 


A new perspective on focus:  Did you know that when you photograph something through a wire cage, the wire disappears when you put your focus on the subject?  Yes, it does.  I was a certain “doubting Thomas” at first.  Still, amazing!  It is true.  Take a look.  This beautiful bald eagle was shot through wire cages at the Fort Worth zoo.  Amazing!!! 


And, what you focus upon expands!  Look at the beauty of this ubject.  So, where are you putting your attention in this economy – with the election … and, far beyond?  This may be a time of amazing opportunities for your business, or a disaster waiting to happen.  You will lead its way with the focus you take.


Focus is more powerful in this fact and analogy, than I had ever imagined – more powerful than seeming obstructions.  Like wire over a bird in the zoo – it disappears when you put your focus on your outcome!   The wire disappears and only the bird remains – or, your true intentions and subject of focus in growing your business.


So, regardless of the economy, other people’s opinions, etc., what if you put your focus full out on your marketing?  Your attitude, focused upon the fact that opportunity abounds?  It is a time for you to stand out in markets where others are wrapped in negative news wires. 


I have realized for years that what you put your attention on, your focus, your energy … with emotion … over time … fueling it … creates, manifests, and makes your life what it is.  This is true in business.  It’s true in life, relationships and any life pleasures you care to enjoy.


So, do be careful what you focus upon.  Whatever “IT” is … you will certainly have more of.  If you’re going to think anyway, why not focus upon making this your best year ever?  Remember, millionaires are historically made in record numbers … in down economies.  And, you could be one of them!


To Your Success,


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