It’s “The Answer” – New Book on Secrets of Business Growth


Jay Abraham, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, Larry King, Suzanne Somer and dozens of other leaders recommend it.

It’s “The Answer” the new book that does for business growth what “The Secret” did for personal growth.

John Assaraf (of “The Secret”) and business-growth expert Murray Smith (best friends and business partners) just released The Answer. Within two days of it’s release it was:

  • The number-one selling business book at
  • The number-one selling motivational book there as well
  • And Amazon’s 36th bestselling book overall (for now)

That was just two days after its release!  You can learn more at

That was just two days after its release!  John and Murray have applied the simple principles they share in The Answer to build 17 of their own successful businesses, some of them from zero to billions in sales and value.  Amazing!

They have also worked directly with more than 3,500 business owners in 30 countries and have changed the businesses and lives of thousands more.

If you’ve been looking for The Answer to growing your business, achieving financial freedom and living an extraordinary life, you owe it to yourself to check it out.  Simply visit for more insights and information and taking your business to the next level.

They’re actually giving away two audio chapters and your chance to win your share of $1.2 million dollars in prizes with their Million Dollar Business Makeover contest.

The Answer is finally here … at least one of them! 

To your business success!




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