Outsourcing Life

timferriss1.jpg  Tim Ferris – 4 Hour Workweek

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.” — Henry David Thoreau, naturalist

After listening in to Tim Ferris on the Duct Tape Marketing Coaching Excellence Series last week, I’m curious as to how many ways small business owners are finding to outsource their daily demands.  Most folks I talk with are more in a constant state of overwhelm by the barrage of daily information and tasks thrown their way.  What about you?  Will you comment on what’s working for you in unloading your demanding work plate?  And, what still, is not?  Resources you’re using … and more can help busy entrepreneurs get closer to that dream of the 4 hour work week.  Thanks, in advance for your posts!


9 Responses to “Outsourcing Life”

  1. randy1429creative Says:


    The first thing I realized I need to outsource is the WEB! I tried to do it myself, but after some successes and alot of frustrations, I hired it out and it saved me alot of headache and time! It was well worth it.


  2. Varju Says:


    My company is definitely contributing to helping busy entrepreneurs get closer to the dream of the 4 hour work week. I enjoy helping small business owners. I have a pretty diverse background, therefore I can help them with marketing and advertising, give advice on business loans,
    business checking accounts as well as help them make good software purchasing choices. I have developed friendships with all my clients and sometimes this is what they need the most – spend time with someone who understands their issues, but is fun to be with while away from the office. We talk about business books we have read and brainstorm if necessary. Many small business owners need help implementing new technologies – I always make suggestions how they could streamline their business processes.

  3. Matthew Scott Says:


    I outsource anything related to web development and my accounting functions.

    I try to stay focused on the revenue-producing functions of my business.


  4. Randy Says:

    I have outsourced most everything in the technical realm of the web and computer network administration.

    I used to think I was “saving money” by doing a lot of this myself. Through some personal revelations and working with Sandra on some time studies and focus charts, I realized how much I was actually costing myself.

    I look around at my responsibilities every day for more opportunites and realize it is still a matter of trusting and letting go in a lot of cases.

  5. Terre Says:

    Delegating was once very challenging for me. I felt that it would take more time to show others how to do something then me just doing it myself.

    Through Sandra’s coaching and guidance I became aware of the overall positive results delegating creates. It allows me more time to focus on new avenues of growth for our organization and it allows those involved to learn and grow.

    Another huge help for me has been the utilization of Microsoft Outlook (another suggestion from Sandra). I recently took it even one step further with purchasing a phone that can link to my calender.


  6. Joe Singh Says:

    Sandra, Since I am involved with running two different businesses and have a very full house (3rd very serious business!). I am learning that delegation alone is just not enough! So, when I engage in a new project or when i am brought a new project or when some tries to throw me another project, I have learned to say this amazing phrase before I say yes or no. That magical phrase is “Let me get back to you on this one”!! Wow, then I find few quiet minutes and take out my journal and start to go to work by writing down how committed I could be to this project. I go through a few key Q&A to myself and then determine if I am the right person for this project or if I just need to take just a part of it and delegate the other parts to someone else or to pass it on all together to one of my partners, business associates, friend or family member who would be better then me on the project. This exercise, tedious initially has actually saved me tremendous amount of hours that I can spend relaxing & playing with my family and friends! Hope this helps…

  7. Suckow Says:

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  8. Mcguiness Says:

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